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Chapter 2

When Quirinus woke up he was in intense pain. It seemed as if every part of his body had been beaten at with a stick. He blinked his eyes a couple of times, but couldn’t see anything because he was blinded by the sudden light.

After his eyes adjusted he came to realise that a woman’s form was sitting beside him, tending to his arm that was encased in some sort of cast. He panicked for a second thinking it was the vampire before he realised this woman was a lot dumpier than the vampire had been, and also had fairer hair, brown like that of polished wood and streaked with grey.

What-who are you?” He said groggily, trying to sit up but was pushed back down with a surprisingly strong grip. The woman kept attending to his injuries but a grumpy voice answered him across the room where a man was leaning against a wall that was covered in ugly, peeling wallpaper. He had weather beaten skin, a bristle of sooty hair covered her head and he had a shotgun strapped over his shoulder.

Dave,” The man said, “Saved you back there in the forest from that vampire, I told you to stay away from them.” He said, “You better tell me your name as well,

I- Quirinus" He said shakily.

Never mind Quirinus, past is past. But that pain you have will stay with you for a day or so though, the venom numbed your senses and now you’re feeling all of the pain you didn’t,” Dave laughed, “That’s my wife, Jessie, who’s attending to you. Wouldn’t have even thought to go and save you if it hadn’t been for her, she’s too good natured she is.”Dave said the last statement as if it was a bad thing, but when he gestured to the dumpy lady, his face softened slightly. Quirinus glanced at her; Jessie smiled warmly at him then shuffled off into a nearby room.

Only once Jessie was gone, Quirinus noticed a second lady. The lady was younger and thinner than that of Jessie and had a natural beauty about her, dark skin, warm brown eyes and black hair that fell in a tangle of curls down her back. She looked nothing like either of Dave or Jessie and, for the first time, Quirinus noticed he had no shirt on, he covered himself with the blanket he had draped across himself and looked at the girl again, wondering if she had seen his scrawny frame, or if she’d care. Dave, noticing his staring said, “That’s Danny, just one of many of our clan.” Danny turned to stare at Quirinus, a calculating crease in between her eyebrows.

Uh-hey, Danny.” Quirinus said nervously, keeping the blanket up to his chin.

Danny got of her seat on the sofa and walked over to where Quirinus’ make-shift bed on the floor was made up. She ripped the blanket off of him; thank Merlin he still had his jeans on, however ripped and muddy they were, “It’s Daniele to you. You can call me Danny when I decide whether you’re a wimp or not.” Daniele said hauntingly and strode out of the room, racing up something that sounded like a set of stairs. Quirinus store after her for a few seconds before recovering his blanket and covering himself again.

Suddenly, a question occurred to him, “Why aren’t you using magic,” Quirinus said, “Are you some sort of Muggle Orphanage? Because Danny- I mean Daniele looks nothing like either of you.” It was possible, Quirinus thought, that perhaps it was a muggle orphanage that believed in the tales of vampires in the Dark Forest.

No, we’re not muggles," He said, clearly offended by the notion, “Squibs, outcasts. Might as well be muggles. Been spending our time running around young witches and wizards like you who think they can take on full grown vampires. Jessie started taking in Squib children a quite a couple of years back. Their pureblood parents would dump them, disgusted at having given birth to such a monstrosity. Danny is the first we took in, she was eleven and had been living on the streets all over the place for over a year until we found her” Dave said, a soft edge to his voice, “There’s a couple of others upstairs but I wouldn’t visit, some can get rather- jealous or witches and wizards.

Quirinus nodded, and curled up again under his blanket. He didn’t care if Dave thought he was pathetic doing so, he had sat up before, and he now understood why Jessie had tried to stop him doing so. Quirinus had a pounding headache now, along with the aches and pains of his body. He didn’t sleep, but he rested his eyes for a couple of minutes ignoring Dave’s poorly disguised scoff as he left the room.

What started out as a rest must’ve deepened into sleep at some point, because when Quirinus opened his eyes, a pleasant smell was wafting out from the kitchen and a box of clothing was at the foot of the mattress, which was supposed to be his bed. Quirinus guessed that Jessie had gotten some old clothes together for him, his supplies, wand and clothes had all been ruined or left behind when the vampire attacked him.

Dinner, kids!” Jessie’s voice rang out from the kitchen, “Dave, go and fetch Quirinus for dinner.” He heard her say afterwards. Quirinus scrambled into some fresh clothes, which hung a little bit off of him and wiped sleep from his eyes before Dave came in.

Dave obviously assumed Quirinus knew dinner was ready and just nodded in the direction of the kitchen. As Quirinus got up, a kid paused in the door way on his own way to the kitchen, “You must be the scrawny wizard who got beaten up by a vampire that Danny told us about?” The kid sneered; he had mousey hair and a large mouth for such a small kid.

Yeah, guess I am.” Quirinus said, pushing past the kid on his way out of the room. He hated bullies, they reminded him of his school days at Hogwarts, and this kid seemed like a bully.

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