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GoF has some really hilarious scenes, such as Draco being transformed into a ferret. It has tons of excitement, such as when Harry battles the dragon, and also when he fights Voldy in the graveyard. I cry every time Cedric's father cries over his son's body. I laugh at some of the over acting, especially Gambon's "SILENCE." The long hair? Out of character for many of the guys. The deleted scenes are particularly funny. After interesting entrances by Durmstrang and Beaubatons, Hogwarts goes into it's school song, and I love the expressions on people's faces - it's as if they're trying to be kind, and not say what they really think. Also love the deleted scene where Karkaroff tries to confront Snape about the darkening dark mark at the Yule Ball, and I'm not surprised they cut it - I can't see Karkaroff being foolish enough to discuss it out in the open like that.

Next to DH2, it's my favorite Harry Potter movie.
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