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Originally Posted by narnia_potter View Post
Hey, wonderful post!
It was a perfect amount of emotion. I could really tell how much she was confused. It was perfectly conveyed.
Thank you Rachel...
I am glad you liked it...

Originally Posted by Connie View Post
Hey Harita, don't fall off your chair from the shock of me finally commenting.
Finally! I was beginning to think that you forgot me......just kidding
Anyway; I hope I haven't confused you with my rant, but I just wanted to let you know you are doing a tremendous job with the right amount of everything you're writing about. And also I love the emotion you put in your characters.
Thank you Connie, I am glad that you have liked it so far. It helps me to know that I am doing justice to the character and the situation through which i am putting them in.
Great work Harita, I'll be watching for your next.

This is a short post...

Chapter 22

It’s been two days since I sent Emmanuel the letter. Though I try to kid myself out thinking I am not waiting for his reply but I am I really am. And apart from that nothing else is going on well on the class front. Professor Grubly Plank is replaced by Hagrid. I saw him at the breakfast table and we soon were walking down to the ground to attend his first lecture.

Professor Hagrid seemed to be very excited about something.
“Bet he has something interesting up his sleeve” I said
“yeah and for him interesting equals dangerous to us” Lavender said as we walked towards his hut. I couldn’t agree less with her.

We all gathered around and followed professor into the forest.
And soon he began to explain about some ‘interesting’ creature which was clearly invisible to me and basically to everyone. And then he threw a piece of meat at the corner where he said that invisible thing stood.
“what’s eating that meat?” I asked
“Thestrals” said professor.
I gasped
“but-but they are supposed to be unlucky. Professor Trelawney told us that”
“oh that’s all bunch of rubbish superstitions. They are really useful. They pull the school carriages, Dumbledore takes them for long journeys”

I was standing by the tree when I felt something passed by my sides.
“I-I feel something” and pushed myself to the tree
“oh, don’t worry, they won’t harm yeh” professor said rather impatiently. He went on to ask a question when Umbridge showed her pretty toad face, ready to take on Professor Hagrid today with clip board with a parchment and quill in her hand.

“here’s professor’s dooms day” I murmured to Lavender who nodded her head and we tried concentrating all throughout the lecture trying to block away Malfoy and Pansy’s irritating laughter…

Have A Nice Day:-)
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