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Hey Harita, don't fall off your chair from the shock of me finally commenting. I read the last two chapters that you wrote since I last read your ff and I must say I'm still very much loving your ff. All the chapters are developing the story so well, and I'm pleased you have been able to keep focused on the plot of your ff and not get side tracked on other issues that would take away from the story. For example when JK delved into Hermione's outrage over Elf treatment and rights. I seen the point she was making but to me making her so obsessed with it at crucial points of the story for other matters kind of ruined the book for me. I still loved it for the plot that was going on, but I got to whenever she started into Elf rights I read through without letting it sink in. Anyway; I hope I haven't confused you with my rant, but I just wanted to let you know you are doing a tremendous job with the right amount of everything you're writing about. And also I love the emotion you put in your characters. My heart is breaking for Parvati. Maybe Em is wondering if Parvati might not want to pursue a boyfriend girlfriend relationship and is being the gentleman in letting it be her decision if they continue or not. I hope it can be worked out for them. (I'll be happy with whatever you write, it's just my thinking out loud to Parvati if I could be a soothing friend like Lav.) Great work Harita, I'll be watching for your next.
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