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Chapter 19

It was two days prior to the Quidditch match and we all were gearing up for the first ever match of this year’s Quidditch season. And well, it has to be the best match ever. Why? Because it’s Slytherin against Gryffindor match!

Angelina was getting all worried sick as she entered the Room of Requirement. Looking at our team members I felt it would be better if they were left alone today.

“alright, today we are not learning anything new. We will just practice the old spells that we learned” and everybody nodded. I saw Katie and Alicia sigh. Harry was fine. He seemed to be taking the pressure of the game as best as he could just like the Weasley twins who were joking around. But it was the first time Captain, Angelina Johnson and first time Keeper, Ron who were having a real tough time.

“alright everyone just form a group of five or so and each of you will be practicing a different spell. After you feel you have done well enough with that spell you can carry on to do the next spell alright. And you guys don’t need telling that whoever is getting better in their work can go ahead and help others in your group” and we all nodded
Lavender, Neville, Dean, Hermione and I were in one group. We first began with Expelliarmus. Practicing to disarm each other for about fifteen minutes it had sort of become a fun battle of sorts in our group. Who would be the quickest to disarm the other?

After sometime Lav and Dean were facing each other but Neville was finding it difficult.
“Nev, you are flicking it way too much” I said
“Neville, it’s just this much” Hermione said.
“and the incantation is Expelliarmus. Be clear Neville and you will get it” she corrected him. Neville tried it again. His wrist movement was proper but his incantation was wrong again.
“Neville it’s armus not amus” Hermione said. He was getting tensed up again

He sighed and shook his head. Patting his back I coaxed him to take another shot.
“Nev, relax. You are doing the wand movement right” I encouraged.
Taking a deep breath
“EXPELLIARMUS!” he said and Hermione’s wand popped out of her hand

“yes!” both Hermione and I shouted hugging Neville who had turned as red as beetroot and the entire class burst out laughing. Harry who had been seeing Neville work hard so long came ahead and hugged him.

“now, let’s give Hermione and Parvati a break from disarming. You can practice with me” he said to Neville who excitedly nodded his head
“Alright, now Neville. You have to aim at disarming me to the extent that my wand gets out of my hand and comes to you. What do you say, interesting?” and Neville smiled a bright smile and said

Laughing, Hermione and I went ahead to do the other spells. I was back facing my fear and then “RIDDIKULUS”. This went on for some more time and just then

“IMPEDIMENTA!” and I turned around just in time to see Colin cast the jinx so powerfully that the bludger which was coming his way forced itself to the other side smashing the mirror on the wall.
There was pin drop silence and Colin turned around with a huge beaming but slightly guilty smile and said “sorry for that” and we all burst out laughing. All of us had forgotten what we were doing and were busy cheering for Colin. Fred and George even hoisted him up on their shoulders and took a round around the Room with all of us still laughing and clapping for the chap. Out of all of us, Colin had shown tremendous improvement past all the sessions we had here.

After minutes later we were all back to doing our own thing.
“REDUCTO” Lavender and I called out together and her table was lying there in fragments and mine again in dust and the other members of our group started laughing.
Lavender just smiled as she finally could at least bring the small pieces down to fragments. But we both were still struggling with the Impediment jinx. Almost everybody was now proficient in the four spells we learned all this while. And we all couldn’t be much happier about it. And Harry was no doubt beaming up at us by the end of the session.
I however, still have to work over the Impediment jinx. I get it properly but the jinx doesn’t stay long enough. More practice…

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