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Again not really looking his back since he very well knew Gavin was following, Ryan made his way out the MLE office on level 10 and quickly made his way to the corridor and finally slowing his pace down as he approached the stairwell as planned before. Of course it seemed very easy and reasonable to the man when it idea was picked up.

''Looks like nothing has changed since the day i started to work on Level Nine, Gawain.'' the blond man said with a slight smirk on his face. ''These corridors still lack some necessary source of light.''

They definitely did.

And...he immediately stopped when he saw someone who definitely did not need any source of light while wandering around.

Well, well, well.

Was the man using an unforgivable?

Not really bothering to unholster his wand, Ryan just took a few more steps and stared at the man. ''That's seriously how you prefer it, dude?''
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