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Hi all I have been thinking that I should restart this story and finally decided to. This is so far I think my best story but it got inactive. I recently found all my old papers for it, a notebook and a bunch of scrap paper all dedicated to this story, and thought that this was still good and that I should restart it. So with out further ado, here's the next chappie...

Chapter 3: Audra

Lets get back to present time now. It's 8:36 September 1st and I'm 11. You know what that means. At 11 o'clock I leave for Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. I'm brushing my hair when my mom comes in.

I stroke my fingers through my hair and ask, "When are my Greengrass highlights going to come in?" My mom and the Greengrass family have blonde hair with honey blonde hightlights, it's gorgeous. I however just have plain blonde Malfoy hair, no offense to my family. You know how I wanted a baby sister, on July 13th, my half birthday after Lily was born on, my wish came true. Mariah Ree Malfoy, my younger sister, has the Greengrass hair I want.

"I don't know dear," Mum said. "My cousin Marie didn't get them until she was 13." She pulled me close and began doing my hair. I looked at myself. Hmmmm. I grabbed a tube of mascara and put it on. That did the trick, made me look a bit older. Then I tried my hand at lipgloss and eyeliner. Then little Riah came into the room.

Mariah pointed at me and then my makeup in my hand. "I want some to," she pouted.

"Riah, you're five, isn't that a little young," I said with a slight laugh. But, still I pulled her over and put some lipgloss on her lips.

Once my mum had done my hair in a French braid twist I change. Now I don't really like the school uniform, but love the robes, so I decided that as soon as I got on the train I would put my robes on.

"Audra its 10:30 we really need to leave," mum yelled up the satairs at me. I rushed down the stairs grabbing Mariah along the way down. Mum, daddy, and Scorpius are there with my luggage. We apparate and side-along apparate to a nearby safe apparation spot to get to the station. Daddy pushes my luggage as we go through the barrier between 9&10. I see the Potter's and wave.

"Hey James," I say happily as I see my old friend. I feel Mariah let go of my hand to go play with Lily. They are seven months apart and best of friends. Just like me and James, and Albus and Scorp.

"Audra," James says with a bright smile on his face. "Let's go find a compartment then come back to say goodbye." He grabs his trunk then helps me with mine. We wander through the train then find Harry's godson Teddy Lupin. "Hey Ted, can we sit with you? And this is Audra Malfoy," James beams at Teddy.

"Sure," Teddy says brightly as he lifts my trunk up. "Expect some of your cousins to come along James. This is sort of a Weasley, Lupin, and now Potter and Malfoy compartment."

Once our trunks are up James pulls the compartment door open. "Come on Ted. We're going to say bye to our families. I'm sure mum and dad would love to see you," James says leading the way back.

When we get back to our parents my mum of course is worrying. "There you are. I was worried sick."

I laugh. Ohhhh mum. "Mum," I say stearnly. "If you're worried about me disappearing here, you'll be way more worried while I'm at Hogwarts. Calm yourself."

Mum laughs. "Oh bye darling. I'll write to you at least once a week," mum says pulling me into a huge hug. I look over and see James saying by to his parents and a few other relatives.

Daddy comes up and pulls me into a hug. "See you soon Audra. You make the Quidditch team for me. I'll be waiting for a letter to send your broomstick."

"Bye mum, dad. Count on that letter," I say and begin to follow James and some of his other relatives towards the train. Though I can't seem to find Teddy anywhere at all.

On the hurry back to our compartment I bump into a boy with pure black hair and black eyes. "Sorry," I say to the boy.

The boy's appearance suddenly changes and he's Teddy. "Relax Audra, it's me Teddy," he laughs. "I'm a metamorphugus, I can change my appearance."
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