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Originally Posted by Slytherin's Talon View Post
As do I. Most people that I met here realize that it is immature to say that most Slytherins are evil. Three reasons:
1 They are children. Children aren't like that. True, there are rare cases in real life where a child came up very cold, but these news cases are very rare. There are more than 100 Slytherins at Hogwarts, more than one hundred children.( Rowling noted that she imagines Hogwarts having 600 students, so there are probably 150 Slytherins.) The few people who say that Slytherins are bad are basing what they say on a small minority. We are shown less than 10 Slytherin students in the series, out of a much larger number. Some people WANT to say that Slytherin is an evil house. I think this is because they are used to reading books made up of black and white, and they want to see the "villians", even if that means saying that children are villians. It is understandable when very young children think that(Although most fans who are children know better!), but it is disturbing when adults think they are evil. I find it very disturbing that there were adults in the theater of Deathly Hallows who supported Minervas choice to send children to the Dungeons. That is a war crime. Think about what we would think of we read something like this in the news. Many people get uncomfortable when I say this, but it is the truth. You can't justify arresting children.

2 There are many instances in the books where we get hints that there are many good Slytherins. In number one we hear that six years in a row the Slytherins won the house cup. It was not the Draco type who earned those points, and I can tell you right now that they didn't just get those points from Snape! One teacher can't outweigh all the others. In Chamber of Secrets, almost all the Slytherins clapped along with everyone else when Minerva said that the students would get cured. In three, many Slytherins clapp when Harry masters Buckbeak. In four, half of them stand up with the other students for Cedric. We have no proof for number five. In six, we get Slughorn.

3 Rowling herself has stated twice that most Slytherins aren't as bad as Draco. She did this with the owners of Mugglenet.

Really, it is only when a sticker book for kids labels Slytherins "Villians" that people get all excited and say that it is right.
I'm sure you're right. But the way JKR portraited the Slytherins in the books, it's not that hard to see them as "the evil house". Draco and his gang do many nasty things, and when the trio formed Dumbledore's Army, it consisted of Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, but no Slytherins. I know we only get to see a minority of the Slytherin students, but unfortunately, we could see a pattern. So while I agree with you, that not all Slytherins are evil, I sure can understand why some people think so.
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