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I am currently battling with myself over whether or not to go! I have the funds (it'll only cost about $450 for both my mom and I to attend) and it really isn't a terrible deal with all that you are getting - even in the cheaper package! - and I would love to see whomever my Q&A would get.

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I don't want to bring any offense, but I realized that for the opening day of wwohp, they had bigger stars and more of the main cast than they do for this. Am I wrong or?
No, they did have Dan & Rupert there for the Grand Opening; however, it was shortly after they finished filming and most of them hadn't started their major projects yet. Dan wasn't performing H2$ 8 days a week at the time But James & Oliver were at the Grand Opening, as well. And Tom has said on Twitter and in interviews that he would love to make it to the Celebration, so I'm wondering if they are trying to confirm with his schedule!
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