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Originally Posted by dahoov2 View Post
I do not want to put a damper on a couple posts here but I hate to tell you... you are NOT going to meet them all. Only the ones at YOUR autograph session. They will be split up and you are not going to know who you get till you get there. They said probably three or so at each session. So you'll probably meet about three or so...
Where did you read this? They said we will be able to travel to different posts they will be at throughout WWOHP.

Originally Posted by hogwartsforever88 View Post
I'm glad I got the celebration package. As much as they were charging people for the premiere one, they should have more celebrities coming, especially the more popular ones. I love all the cast, but this isn't worth 700 dollars to me. So I'm glad to just go to a Q and A.
Do not fret! They said more will be coming. This thing will be's the very last Potter event regarding the movies so more people are bound to come. Don't forget the crew, as well... We are 2 months from the event and they've already listed quite a few! Everything will be ok

Who else does everyone think will go?


I don't want to bring any offence, but I realized that for the opening day of wwohp, they had bigger stars and more of the main cast than they do for this. Am I wrong or?

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