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Originally Posted by phoenix_tears View Post
She hadn't thought closley about what she had ordered, or she would've realised that it gave an impression of her being a vegetarian. It was unusual for Brittany not to be focused on small things like this, as usually, every little detail mattered to her. Yet, here she was, not giving a second thought to what she was saying or thinking. She looked up at him as he put his hand over hers to stop her getting her pouch, he was a gentleman alright, just like in the old stories her mother used to tell her when she was a kid. "I'll let you this time, but only 'cos we're in a carnival," She pouted.

Brittany was somewhat taken aback by his offer to go on rides, but then she shook herself mentally. They were in a carnival after all and she might as well try something fun here with Bradley. She hadn't even said the word 'fun' out loud in years. So much for being a sulky unspeakable. "I'd like that, "She nodded. "But nothing too wild." She added smiling.
"No it's the gentleman thing to do to pay" He corrected Brittany as he put away his pouch but kept a handful of coins in his hand. He gave her a smile before turning back to the counter to see how much longer they needed to wait. He didn't find his answer. He turned back to Brittany when she started talking about rides. Nothing to wild? No fair, he said as much; "No fair" He pretended to pout before laughing.

"What would you count as too wild?" He asked after a few moments when the laughter had died down. Brad had been to many muggle carnival's when he was younger and the rollercoaster was always his favourite. He hoped there was one here today he was so going to drag Brittany on it if there was.
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