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Cora Clearwater
Fourth Year

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Penny Alexandra Clearwater
Magical Creatures

Cora sat nervously in the back of the room. She knew DADA would be a difficult class, and She already thought she would not be good at it. It seemed, well, scary.

No one had noticed the small curly haired girl in the back. As Cora sat nervously twirling her hair, she listened as other students introduced themselves. She was glAd to be in the back. Surely no one would notice her. Suddenly she noticed the professor's eyes on her and her heart dropped. She swallowed hard and whispered shyly, "h-hello professor. I'm Cora Clearwater and im a first year. I dont think I will be taking this at the newt level, since I'm only a first year." Cora said shakily. She trembled slightly, staring up at the professor. to be honest Cora didnt even really know what newt level meant but she was too concerned to ask.
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