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Originally Posted by Maxilocks View Post
Sarani swept into the classroom in a swirl of black robes, her spiked heel boots clicking against the floor,. "Detention, Carter," she said, tone cold. She flicked her wand and the camera that had flashed a moment ago, disappeared as the snake it belonged to, slipped it into her bag. "That's thirty points apiece from Gryffindor and Slytherin."

She turned to face the class, as if nothing had happened.

"Welcome to the Defense Against the Dark Arts course. I'm Sarani Glass, and I will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. If you could all take turns to tell me your names, years and, if you've chosen to pursue Defense at NEWT level, the reason you've decided to do so."

OOC: The lesson has now STARTED. Please don't RP your characters arriving late. If YOU are joining the class just now, pretend that your charrie was there all along. =)

As the professor swept in, Stella found herself unconsciously sitting up straighter, not that she'd been slouching before. They would have gotten in trouble at Beauxbatons if they were caught looking lazy, after all, or anything less than ladylike. And something about this professor made her feel the same way. Maybe it was the fact that the first thing Professor Glass had done upon entry was give someone a detention, along with taking yet more points away from Gryfindor and Slytherin. It made her happy she was a Ravenclaw, at least.

"Good day, Professor Glass," she said, standing up once it was apparently her turn. "My name is Stella Gardiner, and I'm currently a fifth year Ravenclaw although I previously attended Beauxbatons. I hope to be able to pursue NEWT level Defense, once I've taken my OWLs, because this is one of my favorite subjects." Once she'd finished, she paused a moment, as if she was curious if she needed permission to take a seat again, but then she quietly sat back down to let the next student have their moment. This was definitely not going to be an easy class, but then she'd rather it not be.
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