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Arlo raised her hand a little and offered her a little wave before dropping her hand back into her lap and making no sound. THIRTY points EACH for those two people?! Their houses were going to HAAATE them. BUT ARLO DIDNT! Arlo liked everybody. Except her older siblings, yeah. YEAH.

NEWT?! WHAT WAS A NEWT LEVEL?! She'd heard her eldest brother talk about his NEWTs, but she'd assumed that you know....they were ANIMALS. So obviously, this was what she assumed the lady was talking about. Waiting for her turn to introduce herself, Arlo listened to EVERYONE so that she knew names already, and then spoke. "Im Arlo! Arlo Quinn Domicone, and I'm a first year! And...I don't actually LIKE lizards, sooo...I don't suppose I'll be 'taking' any newtsies!" Aaaand now she was shutting up.

It's cool, I just finished a year of teaching full time and doing a three year degree in one year.
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