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Originally Posted by Maxilocks View Post
Sarani swept into the classroom in a swirl of black robes, her spiked heel boots clicking against the floor,. "Detention, Carter," she said, tone cold. She flicked her wand and the camera that had flashed a moment ago, disappeared as the snake it belonged to, slipped it into her bag. "That's thirty points apiece from Gryffindor and Slytherin."

She turned to face the class, as if nothing had happened.

"Welcome to the Defense Against the Dark Arts course. I'm Sarani Glass, and I will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. If you could all take turns to tell me your names, years and, if you've chosen to pursue Defense at NEWT level, the reason you've decided to do so."

OOC: The lesson has now STARTED. Please don't RP your characters arriving late. If YOU are joining the class just now, pretend that your charrie was there all along. =)

Hugo gasped a bit as the woman entered the classroom, immediately taking points from Gryffindor and Slytherin. He could feel that the classroom had become a bit more silent. He cracked his knuckles nervously and followed the woman with his eyes. Wait, NEWT? What did she mean? He hadn't even taken his OWL's yet. Hugo looked at Kurumi who had raised her hand to answer the questions. Right. Good language and stuff. He raised his hand after Kurumi had ended her speech and said "I'm Hugo Doyle, fourth year Ravenclaw," he said and nervoulsy fiddled with his hands. "And I will also, um, probably take NEWT level," wew it was becoming hot in here. "Er, because I want to become a wandmaker." And for some reason you'd need to follow NEWT level Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. To be honest he just wanted to leave Hogwarts with the highest levels possible. But... He still found the question odd? Would he be in the wrong class? But Kurumi was here too, right? Urgh.
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