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Originally Posted by Quick Quotes Quill View Post
Looking around, Gwendolyn hoped the class would start soon. Finally we will have a DADA class...not like last year!, she told herself. 'Hmm?', the second year said, not looking at the person who was coming towards her. What did she ask? Do I mind if I sit here? Was that the question? 'No...', she started replying, but then realized that really wasn't what the girl asked. 'YES! Sorry....', she then mumbled and smirked to the girl. Duh, stupid me!

Hoping the other girl didn't mind her acting like that, Gwen decided to be nice to her. 'I'm Gwen, by the way. Gwen Greene', the young Ravenclaw finally said, extending her hand. Only now she realized the other girl was a Hufflepuff. DO NOT make fun of her house! Don't be rude...
Did she say no???? Janice thought. Oh, she didn't..
Janice sat beside Gwen, then shook her hand.
"I'm Janice. Janice Elizabeth. Nice to meet you..."
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