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Default Aurora, Jez and Beezus

Originally Posted by pinkphoenix View Post
DADA was among the subject that Aurora was most looking forward to. She had read a little bit about it and as a muggleborn the idea of having to defend oneself against dark arts sounded intriguing and definitely gave off the notion that not all magic was used in a good way.

She headed down to the DADA classroom knowing that in a few minutes the lesson will start. She glanced into the classroom to see chairs set in concentric semi-circles where there were a few students already sitting and waiting. They must have had the same idea as me--wanting to get to DADA nice and early Aurora thought to herself and headed to grab a seat.
Originally Posted by Jezabel Black View Post
Jez stared around the DADA classroom and saw to her relief that some other first-year students had arrived early too. She took a desk near them. "Hi, Orr," she said shyly, not wanting to interrupt anything.
Jez got out her books, determined not to get onto Professor Glass' bad wand, not like in Charms. She winced at that memory. Five points lost already!

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MJ walked into Defense Against the Dark Arts, her head held high in a confident manner. But her eyes were flicking around the room in fright. She waved to Aurora as she walked past her and took a seat by Beezus and Jez.
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