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Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
Gah! He was caught! "N-No, thanks," he said, his cheeks turning a light shade of red. His hair was much too short for that AND he was too manly to wear ribbons on his hair, even if they were his house colors.

He looked down at his parchment at her compliment and agreed. It was a nifty tree. "Really? It was supposed to be a broccoli," he smirked. Hehe. Weren't they like the same thing except the broccoli was like a mini-tree.
Aurora chuckled, "You could tie it in a bow." she teased, then she had a thought... Leather was manly right..? And she had been practicing this spell for a while... She took out her wand and waved it a few times, muttering something under her breath. She had conjured two thin strips of dark green leather and a bit of silver string. She plaited them together into a bracelet and put a sticking charm on the ends so they wouldn't come loose. Wow, that was the best that that spell had ever worked... maybe she should make jewelry for a living... "Here, you can have this instead." She held it out to him. "Though I still think the bow is a good idea."

Broccoli..? Wasn't that just a tiny tree anyway... "Same thing. Though it could also be cauliflower." she said, looking at the doodle. She took her own quill and drew a tiny little stick man on the corner of her parchment and held it next to Kennedy's. "There, now it's a tree." she said, either that or the man was really really small...
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