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Originally Posted by pinkphoenix View Post
DADA was among the subject that Aurora was most looking forward to. She had read a little bit about it and as a muggleborn the idea of having to defend oneself against dark arts sounded intriguing and definitely gave off the notion that not all magic was used in a good way.

She headed down to the DADA classroom knowing that in a few minutes the lesson will start. She glanced into the classroom to see chairs set in concentric semi-circles where there were a few students already sitting and waiting. They must have had the same idea as me--wanting to get to DADA nice and early Aurora thought to herself and headed to grab a seat.
Originally Posted by Greymalkin View Post
Sarah walked into feeling less than happy. No, it wasn't because of the class, although the teacher did scare her incredibly she was looking forward to her second class EVAR. It was the skirt she was wearing. After losing points for not being in correct uniform last period, she had quickly changed.

She hated skirts. Why? Because of all the things you could and couldn't do. Had HAD to sit with your legs crossed, you COULDN'T fly on a broom, or hang upside down, or do a cartwheel... It was TORTURE

But she was wearing one anyway, because she refused to lose anymore points for Slytherin. Everyone BETTER be happy, because she was sacrificing her dignity and tomboyish attitude for this.

She sat down and crossed her legs. Sheesh.

Zhenya spotted two people she recognised. One, a Slytherin, the other, a Ravenclaw. She sat down next to them and said Hello, before getting nervous about their very first DADA lesson. Her brother had refused telling her about any lessons, even though she had been begging him.

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