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Maybe this was the moment. He was not sure if that had any suitable moments yet somehow it felt like this was the moment when he had happened to glance at the staff table. be exactly, to a part of it and yes, she must have been there. His eyes could not catch her but she must have been there. Yes. Professor Hadley too. And Madam Donovan.

So, leaving the rather crowded Gryffindor table right after opening the large package before himself and taking the bunch of flowers from inside it, Josh made his way to the Staff Table of course with the well-known Josh-style; full of confidence and charm. And once he approached, the lion boy stopped before the long table with a little but warm smile and looked at everyone at the table in general.

Ah! There were new faces.

''Hello, professors!!!'' then he said, not yelling this time, but loud enough for everyone on the table to hear. He wanted to present a seperate and special greeting to the ladies but since that might have sounded weird after the previous one he decided against it. ''I came to bring my greeting to you all and...surprises for the ladies!''

Yea. He was directly coming to the point and act before Josh Carter was mostly a man of action, not words. Therefore after giving them a new smile he began to...wait!!!

He looked at the people at the table again, from one end to the other. And...Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! There were more ladies than the amount of his flowers. Now that was a problem which was natural with all the new faces...or...he just had to remember that he was a wizard, even of-age one.

*awkward smile*

''Please, excuse me!'' and with that he turned his back to attempt or just at least pretend to hide what he was going to do. It was impossible not to be noticed doing it with a bunch of flowers, a long wand and so many people. Nevertheless, the boy took his wand out and quickly Geminio-ed some of the flowers to match the amount of ladies. Of course leaving only one red rose.

''Aha! Ready now!'' Hehe. Now he could start, so he did. Starting from the left side of the table he started to drop one white rose on the table for each lady in the order they were sitting in (Hadley, McClane, Schirmer, Glass, Brooks, Bentley, Donovan, Cerulean, Magnus), only passing by Professor Lafay though, for she was not there, till all the white roses were given.

However he could not say that there was also some special issues with the white rose giving; first he had to double take at this new lady (Nixy!) and that one there (Maxilocks)!! So wow that he might have stared at her a little bir too much before he remembered that he needed to move on. Then there was Professor Magnus. Yet before he could say anything about it, Josh's dark brown eyes went to Lafay's empty seat. What a disappointment.

Better look at somewhere else and greeting the returning professor was a good enough distraction. ''Professor Magnus!''

Still...the red rose for Lafay remained in his hand.
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