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Text Cut: Ivory :3
Originally Posted by Ivy Nienna View Post
Excusing herself from her house table for a moment, the Ravenclaw prefect strode across the Great Hall. Her destination? Why, the staff table of course. There were quite a few new professors there and well she was curious. Even as her steps brought her closer, Ivory was already looking along the seated staff and trying to figure who was teaching what this year. Like what the woman in spiked heels was teaching??? Now it could be said that the brunette was fashion conscious….to an extent. She was a girl after all. But she didn’t usually pay attention to what other people wore…until now that is. Because those boots….they were killer boots. But that was neither here nor there. Her appreciative glance at the footwear most likely illustrated her approval anyway.

Approaching the table, Ivory addressed the staff in general. ”Hello,” she greeted with a friendly smile and a small wave. ”Ivory Erised,” she offered by way of introduction, directing her words to the newer members of the staff. ”Ravenclaw prefect.”

Her slim arm extended behind her to encompass her house table as the corner of her mouth picked up, the dimple on her right cheek peeking into appearance. ”And on behalf of our House,” The Ravenclaw house obviously. ”I just wanted to welcome the new faces and...” she added with a respectful nod to the Headmaster and all the returning professors. ”-Say ‘We’re glad to have you back’ to the old.”

Suddenly, her expression froze on her face. The horror of what she’d just said hitting her like a burlap sack of garden gnomes to the chest.

”I mean…not ‘old’ of course. Just familiar. ” she amended quickly, her eyes large and unblinking.” Because you’re not old. Not that old. I mean…just a little bit. Well….I only meant older than us students…because- you all look GREAT.” she finished lamely a bit red in the face, and just a smidgen of uncontrollable color spreading to the roots of her hair.

Sarani, who had been inspecting the nails of her left hand while the Ravenclaw stumbled over her words and attempted to explain just what she had meant, looked up at the girl once she had fallen silent. Despite her utter lack of composure, the girl looked intelligent. Which, Sarani supposed, might explain the badge pinned to her robes.

"Do you take Defense, Miss Erised?" She asked, one eyebrow arched.

Originally Posted by Greymalkin View Post
Sarah loped over to the closest staff member, "Hullo," she said, groaning inwardly at her choice. This lady looked like she would kill her! "Um, I wanted to ask a question. I figured that was allowed...?"

Sarah worked hard to keep calm. Just another person. Just another person. Right. She had this. She totally had this...
Sarani raised an eyebrow. Children. She supposed Tate wouldn't be pleased if she told the girl that, as far as she, Sarani, was concerned, it wasn't allowed.

"I'd imagine that depends upon the question, Miss...?"

Yes. She would like a name. No. She did not intend to remember it.

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