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Originally Posted by Hera View Post

Well wasn't that just darling! Merlin, perhaps having children wouldn't be so bad after all, especially if they were as adorable as this little snake! Such a lovely, friendly and well mannered girl, her mother must be so proud.

And she has a garden at home! Precious! ... Seren couldn't help but think she needed to restrain herself. Keep breathing and stay calm. Little green-thumbed children were nothing to get too excited over. But deep down she knew they were.
"A garden! that's brilliant, just you wait until you see the student garden and the greenhouses, I'm sure you'll enjoy them immensely." Lowering her voice a little, so that only Harlow could hear, she whispered, "Plus... we have special fertilizer too," and gave her a small wink.

All this talk about herbology made her excited, and even though she loved the start of term feast, she longed to be back in her research shed.
Harlow nodded happily. So she didn't have to ask to start a garden. She could just plant her things in the student garden. "I even have a garden book." she was telling Professor Bentley all her secrets. Not even her mom knew she had a garden book.

She giggled at her wink. It wasn't ladylike to talk about fertilizer but she was glad the professor had a sense of humor. Well she had given her present and introduced herself just like her mom had told her to do. he gave the professor a little curtsy, "It was so nice to meet you Professor Bentley. I won't delay your dinner anymore." She knew how fast adults could tire of children. And she got a feeling she was going to be spending a lot of time in the gardens so it was best not to wear her welcome out so soon.
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