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SPOILER!!: Magnus
Originally Posted by MeredithRodneyMckay View Post
"Yes. Yes it seems so. They're not usually this bad, though. I hope there's nothing wrong." Isabelle stared down at her tainted drink, not looking up to find the source of the reply until she was speaking herself. Glancing down the table she spotted who she assumed was the man that had spoken to her. Giving him a smile, she nodded too. "I'm sorry, didn't introduce myself. Isabelle Magnus, Transfiguration." She would have offered a hand, but he was too far away. "So I assume that you are a returning Professor?

"Perhaps they are just on strike then?" He was only joking around of course but even after saying the words he wanted to take them back. House elves didn't go on strike. They lived to serve, and the logical part of his brain did not let him forget that. He picked up his fork which had bits and pieces of dried food attached. "Noting a a good scourgify can't fix." He dropped it back without a second thought. "Pleasure Isabelle. Everett Scabior. History of Magic. But please, call me Dash." Everett. Way to formal.

SPOILER!!: Kurumi
History of Magic?

Now Kurumi was really confused. Wasn't Professor can't ever get my name right Cerulean the History of Magic professor? Here gaze scanned the table and saw that the woman was still present. Kurumi's eyes widened, almost as if she had seen a ghost. Had the theory floating around due to the Aparecium been right? Did the woman really have it in for Professor Zookara? Kurumi wasn't sure WHAT subject she was teaching now...but Kurumi would be keeping an eye on her.

Suspicious suspicious...

Oh, right, she was being rude.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Professor Scabior," she said with another bow. "I am sorry for taking up so much of your time. Welcome to Hogwarts and please enjoy the rest of the feast."

She MIGHT be back later to pick his brain. Maybe.

The girl just stood there. Looking confused and blinking. Was she upset that he had replaced her favourite teacher or something? Everett looked at her, blinking right back, until finally she spoke up. And...she was bowing at him? Yeah. Everett nodded. It was a little too much respect. "Well then.....thank you Miss Hollingberry." Was that the right thing to say?

SPOILER!!: Bentley
Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Laughing lightly as Dash uncovered the history behind his nickname, Seren couldn't help but remember her childhood one. Though it was hardly appropriate anymore. Even if Dash seemed confident in the fact it wouldn't be difficult to think of something... it was. She had grone through Hogwarts and even since then had never been graced with a new name.
"It's harder than you think," she said raising an eyebrow mysteriously, though really there was nothing mysterious about her at all. "When I was younger my family called me Starflower, but I fear I have out grown that one."

"History is such a wonderful subject, I love it dearly, but often I just don't have the patience to stay seated and immerse myself in it. I like to keep busy." Though she loved all that Medieval history, and even Post-Modern muggle history, what with all their wars on terror... almost sounded as if they were taking on a bunch of boggarts!
Seren couldn't help but smirk a little, well as much of a smirk as she could muster- even if it still resembled a smile to most people.
"I'll keep that in mind, though if you ever want some pointers, you know where to find me."

He couldn't help but chuckle. No really he couldn't. The idea of going around the castle calling Seren Starflower, was simply too entertaining. "Sadly, I think you have." Imagine Starflower. Everett cracked a grin before quickly returning to his normal, uncaring expression.

"Hmm. Yes." History did take a lot of time and concentration. "The great thing about History is that although it does deal with the past, there is always something new to learn." Pointers? Everett shifted in his chair before shaking his head. "No thank you. I am honestly sure that I would drive you up the wall." He was that bad at Herbology.

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