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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Charms? Kurumi's head quickly scanned the table only to have it confirmed that the Charms professor that had given her chocolate frog nightmares was indeed missing. She hadn't thought that he would be leaving, but this hopefully ensured that her nightmares would be coming to an end soon.

"Nice to meet you, Professor Schirmer," Kurumi said, slowing down slightly on the pronunciation of her last name. Had she said that right? She hoped she had. It seemed that she wasn't exactly making the best first impression here either. "I am afraid that Charms is not my best subject, but I do enjoy it." She fidgeted with the sleeve of her robe for a moment. "Professor, this might come as an odd question you like chocolate frogs?"

The answer really could make or break just how uneasy she appeared during her first lesson.
"I see." She let the silence grow and then forced herself to smile, having her own thoughts about first impressions. "Well we can work on that, can't we?" Althea's stillness simply made this prefect's fidgeting more obvious.

And yes, it WAS an odd question, but the professor answered obligingly enough. "Not particularly. I try to watch what I eat, Miss Hollingberry." Candy usually was off limits for her.
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Eddie shot Althea a quick smile in repliance before he eyed his chalice again. "Does the house elves dislike working here?" It was down right confusing why the cutlery on the whole staff dias looked like it hadn't be cleaned in the last month or two. Taking a napkin he carefully removed what looked like some food residues on his knife and fork. Eddie started to question where he had ended up.

She smiled too and shook her head slightly, wondering what was going on. "They never did before. Its their home and they were always so house proud. Or Castle proud, I suppose."
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Hearing Althea's raised voice Eddie shot a look in her direction. What was she working herself up over? Had there come a new prophet issue about the new Hogwarts staff? Had he too been mentioned in it? Scratching his head absent-mindedly he asked nobody in particular "Does anyone have a copy of the article that Professor Schrimer is talking about?" The charms professor was clearly working herself up into a state. To stop it they needed an issue of the latest prophet to put it all to rest. Hopefully somebody would supply one soon.
Her nostrils flared slightly. Yes. Did anyone HAVE this silly article? She simply didn't trust others to judge how important it was if it involved her at all. If it didn't matter, she'd see that for herself.
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Hearing Althea speak out again, Fina turned back toward her. She was about to offer her the paper, which she had tucked away in her handbag on the floor, when the Headmaster made his presence known . . .

Apparently she and Tate were the only ones who read the prophet? "Just some rubbish the Prophet prints. Apparently nothing to worry about." Making a mental note to burn the paper later, she changed the topic back to the tarnished dishes and summer. Summer was always a safe topic, right?

"Tate," she acknowledged with a nod. "Did you enjoy most of your time off?" Except the garbage news.
Her eyes tightened slightly and Althea regarded the Arithmancy professor coolly. "So you all keep saying."

She looked out over the hall, eyes flicking over each of the tables and stopping at her own former seat. As a student she'd been a Ravenclaw, but it was strange, right then, she couldn't drum up any particular loyalty or fondness. She supposed she'd wait and see how the students showed themselves.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Oh... What had she started with the Prophet Article talk? "I have the article, but ..." she eyed the Headmaster carefully. "We're supposed to pretend it doesn't exist or something." So yea. Just forget about it for now and perhaps later, out of prying eyes . . . [/COLOR]

"...perhaps you would show me and I might judge for myself." She looked at Josephina again, her tone slightly clipped but still carefully polite. "Why would you have mentioned it if you were so worried about 'pretending it doesn't exist'?" She asked quietly. Simply, she'd like to know what was what, so she could mentally put it to rest herself.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
"A badly written one, actually, accusing me of mismanagement and suggesting the new staff was less qualified than I was saying. They got a number of details wrong, including the backgrounds of the new staff members." Tate leaned forward to peer at his new Charms professor.

She was a bossy one, but generally amusing in the way that Cari and her sisters were amusing. He did appreciate a woman that knew her own mind. "And it was mead, Professor. My father brews it himself, using local honey and hops, hint of cinnamon, sometimes fruits from an abundant harvest. It's a hobby of his, but I have to say I'm developing a taste for it. If the entire bottle isn't ruined, you're welcome to a glass," Tate stressed her title even as she called him informally. He would just summon the entire bottle from the kitchen where it was stored and see if the problem was how it was stored and sealed or in how it was served.
That did not for a pleased Althea make. She examined her new boss carefully. "Perhaps then, they need to be corrected." She, at least, was more than qualified for her new position. Qualified, and experienced and, she was certain of it already (but that might have just been her nature), the best Charms Professor Hogwarts would have seen in a decade. She lifted her chin slightly, her confidence clear, even if her thoughts were hidden.

Professor was right, but Thea's eyes tightened somewhat. "Thank you for the offer, Headmaster."

If that was what he wanted, that was what he got. Althea obliged with a frosty sort of distance.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
"No. No, no." Tate held up his hand to halt any speculation. They wouldn't be pinning blame on the house elves, who were well treated and content. He made every effort to take care of them, and they did a fantastic job considering the size of the castle and how messy the students were. It was a heckuva job to pick up after a castle full of teenagers.

"They might be ill or having an issue, but I will not have them slandered. They care about their work and would be horrified to know we're speaking ill of them. Perhaps one of you will run down and check on them. See how dinner is coming and maybe... see if one is available to clean the silverware?"

"I shall. I remember the way quite well." Althea stood up, her chair staying remarkably silent as it scraped out behind her. She looked out at the students again, and then with a final cursory glance at her colleagues, Professor Schirmer marched from the hall, to find an elf.

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