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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"What blasted article!?" Althea was losing patience. She didn't yell, but she rolled her eyes, her growing frustration clear, though she remained polite enough. She certainly didn't subscribe to the Daily Prophet. She hadn't been back in Britain long enough to bother, and certainly hadn't expected to hear of an article that supposedly included her. As a blacksmith? Did she LOOK like a blacksmith? She eyed her perfect nails and then with a frustrated exhalation of air that set a lock of her hair puffing out in front of her face, she busied her hands with rearranging the cutlery again.

"And what was that, Gaellen?" She gestured with her chin to where his glass had been before. Some grey stuff.
"A badly written one, actually, accusing me of mismanagement and suggesting the new staff was less qualified than I was saying. They got a number of details wrong, including the backgrounds of the new staff members." Tate leaned forward to peer at his new Charms professor.

She was a bossy one, but generally amusing in the way that Cari and her sisters were amusing. He did appreciate a woman that knew her own mind. "And it was mead, Professor. My father brews it himself, using local honey and hops, hint of cinnamon, sometimes fruits from an abundant harvest. It's a hobby of his, but I have to say I'm developing a taste for it. If the entire bottle isn't ruined, you're welcome to a glass," Tate stressed her title even as she called him informally. He would just summon the entire bottle from the kitchen where it was stored and see if the problem was how it was stored and sealed or in how it was served.

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Kurumi noticed Headmaster Tate looking, well, not exactly happy to be there and mumbling something about...something. She hadn't entirely caught it, but she figured now was not exactly the best time for her to try and speak with him. Granted, she really just wanted to thank him for giving her the opportunity of being a prefect, well...approving her anyway. It worked that way, right?
"Get to it, Hollingberry. Where are the cookies?" He gave her a pointed look, although his tone was light and lacking the usual pointed sarcasm. No reason to jump on the girl when she was baking for them.

"You know I have a preference for oatmeal. Just saying."

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
"Tate," she acknowledged with a nod. "Did you enjoy most of your time off?" Except the garbage news.
"Sure. Had to force Cari to take time off this summer, but we got our vacation time. We have a hard time agreeing on a place to visit. She wants to do things and visit places, and I want to do nothing and visit no one. Apparently..." He dropped his voice. "Apparently marriage is about compromise. Did you know that?"

Originally Posted by MeredithRodneyMckay View Post
Picking up the goblet in front of her, Issy was just about to take a sip when she saw something. "Why is there dirty, black stuff floating in my pumpkin juice?" She asked no one inpaticular.
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Eddie shot Althea a quick smile in repliance before he eyed his chalice again. "Does the house elves dislike working here?" It was down right confusing why the cutlery on the whole staff dias looked like it hadn't be cleaned in the last month or two. Taking a napkin he carefully removed what looked like some food residues on his knife and fork. Eddie started to question where he had ended up.
"No. No, no." Tate held up his hand to halt any speculation. They wouldn't be pinning blame on the house elves, who were well treated and content. He made every effort to take care of them, and they did a fantastic job considering the size of the castle and how messy the students were. It was a heckuva job to pick up after a castle full of teenagers.

"They might be ill or having an issue, but I will not have them slandered. They care about their work and would be horrified to know we're speaking ill of them. Perhaps one of you will run down and check on them. See how dinner is coming and maybe... see if one is available to clean the silverware?"
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