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Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Seren turned, only to be confronted with an unfamiliar face. Transfer? or Herbology truant? ... But as soon as the girl spoke, her mind was put to ease.
"Ahh, Beauxbaton's transfer?" she asked, offering the young girl a smile. The French was a bit of a give away. But it was lovely to have new an delightful students. No doubt a welcome addition to Ravenclaw House.
"Pleasure to meet you Miss Gardiner, my names Professor Bentley, I'll be your Herbology professor. I trust you'll enjoy your time here at Hogwarts."
Provided the girl took herbology of course.
Stella had almost started fidgeting in her emabrassment over slipping and greeting the professors in French. She was so not French, even though she liked the language and all. Well, and spent the last ten plus years in the country. She just wanted to fit in at Hogwarts right away, not be the odd transfer student. But then, at least she already knew she wasn't the only transfer from Beauxbatons, and thinking about her conversation with Paulie on the train helped her relax a little. Maybe nobody had noticed her slip-up.

But then one of the professors had responded to her, and she turned with a slight nod. "Yes. Although my sister graduated from Hogwarts a couple of years ago," she replied, before smiling as she got the professor's name. "It's nice to meet you as well, Professor Bentley, and I hope so." herbology wasn't a strong suit, but she had nothing against the subject. Gardening was nice, and maybe it would remind her of home. In a weird way. Plus, she wasn't about to think about not taking any of the classes here without knowing what they were like.

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

French? Edvard let his gaze drift until it landed on the brown haired girl who the voice belonged to. Shooting her a warm smile he said "Pleased to meet you Miss Gardiner. I'm Professor Roslund and will be teaching Astronomy." At midnight! But he didn't say that out loud. It didn't feel so nerv-racking now that he knew that he wasn't the only person who had just started his time here at Hogwarts.
Then she felt another gaze upon her, and she turned from Professor Bentley to see a male professor near the other end of the table givng her a smile, and she responded likewise. Especially as he hadn't gone straight for mentioning her strange greeting. "Pleased to meet you as well, Professor Roslund," she replied, before realy registering the subject he'd said he was responsible for. Then it sunk in, and a curious expression crossed her face. "I'm sure Astronomy will be an interesting class," she said then. Most people thought she should be really knowledgable in the subject, given certain things, plus the origin of her kitten's name. She kind of hoped he wouldn't pick up on who she was related to, though. That always just made things weird, and was why she'd thought about dropping the subject back in France.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Another student? And thus the term was officially in full swing.

Had this one just murmured a hello in French though? Strange. "Ciao," Fina said automatically. If they were going with native languages and all, may as well. Stella. Committing the name to memory, she nodded. "Nice to meet you as well, Stella. I'm Professor Hadley, the Arithmancy professor." This was the time of year when she felt repetition was expected.
And then the woman next to Professor Roslund had spoken, and Stella couldn't help but giggle as she'd spoken in Italian. "I hadn't meant to start a trend," she responded with a grin. Now she was curious what other languages people at Hogwarts knew, though, which was dangerous. Curiosity and all... but the woman had continued, and she gave the newly introduced professor a nod. "Nice to meet you Professor Hadley." At least now she knew some of the professors' names before classes started. Although she'd also noticed the headmaster hadn't exactly seemed to be too welcoming, at least to her and the other girl who had walked over to speak with the staff. Maybe it was just because of all the rumors, the dirty dishes and all that. She hoped that was the case.
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