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Originally Posted by nogoodforyou View Post
New York Academy? Hmmm. Interesting.

Nora was super curious at the moment, of course, but she was afraid to ask more, since they have just met, and it might seem awkward to someone else. So, fortunately, there were some very few moments in which she could keep all those - probably annoying - questions just for herself.

But then... Joanna had that bag, apparently full of something... colourful. "Wha -" The girl's eyebrows raised in surprise and her eyes went wide. Skiiii... what? She took a quick glimpse again, and that was the moment when she realized what those had to be. "Ohh, you mean Berty Bott's Every Flavor Beans!" But what did she call them?

Ah, maybe it was some American name.

Once again, another girl from Hogwarts doesn't know what skittles are. For some unknown reason the wizards in America have a larger amount of knowledge about the muggles; even the purebloods. The wizards here are either very disconnected from the muggle world or they just... don't know about muggles. Hmmmm... She wonders if there's a subject about Muggles in Hogwarts, because of the lack of knowledge the students have about muggles?

But anyway... Back to the skittles issue.

"Not exactly like Berty Bot's Beans,"
she said hesitating of she should pour a few skittles into Nora's hand. Joanna poured a small amount of skittles into her hands, and with a hand gesture she offered her skittles. Hopefully, Nora won't think of her badly that she's offering her muggle sweets. "Oh, just to let you know, it's a muggle sweet," Joanna added, she didn't know if she meant it as a warning or just to tell her what is a skittle. The last girl which she offered her skittles rejected her offer, because it was a muggle sweet. The purebloods here are so strict.
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