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Originally Posted by Disneymaniac View Post
Conan was looking for the bookstore in the names on the boards above the stores. He still couldn't see it. Let alone what it was called. He couldn't even remember that. He probably should've been looking forwards, not upwards while walking. It would've made him notice someone walking towards him. He felt them collide with him though. Maybe neither of them were paying attention. At least he wasn't tiny. Otherwise he would've been bowled over by the older girl.

"Sorry," he squeaked, moving to one side, so she could pass. "I am still not used to my big feet." Totally true. He did have big feet now. He was 5'7 almost.
Amy managed to stop herself from her running, which was hard when she had hared out and her legs had carried on..sooorrrrry about that, she said, peddaling backwards so she was facing the boy, it's cool, Amy shrugged, at least he had big feet, she had tiny size 5's to match her teeeeeeennnny frame. She was a short bum which sucked, but still. When did you get big? She asked with a grin
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