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Originally Posted by Kimstar18 View Post
Turning at the sound of a voice, Damien recognized the girl wandering through the shelves of the Third Hand Bookstore. "Hello yourself," he replied with a smile. "Did you end up finding what you were looking for at the bookstore?" he asked, Irish accent slightly audible.

She looked young enough to be a first year student, and he wondered what house she'd get sorted into when the time came to arrive at Hogwarts.
"No, i went in just for a look at their books on wandlore but i came out empty handed," She said frowning, she'd looked at some of the books but in the end she thought she'd better leave it until she returned next time. Evangeline noticed the slight Irish accent, Oh, he's Irish she thought to herself. Personally she loved Irish accents and his was no different. She partically liked Irish and scottish accents.

"I'm Evangeline," She said offering her hand. Up close the boy seemed much older than her but she needed to meet friends no matter their age. "First year, What year are you?" She asked curiously.
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