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Originally Posted by Maxilocks View Post
"Yes, that's what I've always thought," Fyo said, his voice just a little teasing. He did know her, which wasn't surprising, considering how long they had been friends. Best friends. More.

He was just glad she knew him just as well.

He gave her hand a light squeeze, as the two of them headed towards Primpernelles. The streets seemed more crowded than usual which, Fyo realized, must be because Hogwarts would be re-opening for the school term, soon. It was a good thing there were no cameras chasing them, today. Things looked crowded enough, as it was.

"Fyodor..." Brody eyed him carefully, bumping into him with her hip. It wasn't surprising that he knew her so well, they had been friends for a long time. She couldn't imagine her life without Fyo. He was her best friend, and her husband. Everything she needed all rolled into one. He was absolutely perfect, especially how he accepted her, and all of her flaws. And Brody had a lot of flaws.

"Hogwarts must be starting again soon.." She mused, as she dodged a couple of little girls that were running down the street. She missed Hogwarts sometimes, it had just been so simple there. But then, she realised some of the most hurtful times had been spent there too. She was glad things had worked out. Very glad.
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