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Originally Posted by Calezilla View Post
He just eyed her now, stepping pretty close to the girl. A faint smirk spread out on the male's face as he looked down at her. She was prettier in person, not that she didn't look pretty ANYWAY but still, she was pretty. "You're pretty hot, you know that?"He said while poking a tongue out of his mouth. Was he kidding? Not really. Was he doing it to try and annoy her? Uhuh. It would work, Bailey knew it would. Bailey had learned about her and her dislike of being called "babes" or being called anything "attractive" or whatever. So was Bailey still going to do it? Uhuh. Was it a bad idea? Probably."Water balloons...."He gestured to the bag with his hands.

She sounded like she didn't care? Bailey made a confused face, a really seriously confused face."But your a girl.."He muttered, pointing to her dress. Weren't girls supposed to care about their dresses and hair and stuff? his sisters did as did most the girls at Beauxbatons rghsfgdgfgf. SHE WAS BEING MEANNN TO HIM. Bailey made a poutie face,"Broooooookie."He whined, bouncing a bit."It's not timmmme for jokes,babes."He knew she wanted to kiss him and thought he was hot, she was just too scared to admit it. Bailey was sure.

SCOWL.Bailey crossed his arms."Weapons, torture devices...same thing. They both put people through physical and emotion PAIN."Emotional pain how? Bailey didn't know, he was just being dramatic. He narrowed his eyes,"Well, well, well, they are DIFFERENT from you."He said, raising both his eyebrows as he spoke."They aren't EVIL AND MEAN AND TORTUROUS LIKE YOU."Yeah, he called you out, Brooklyn. He saw through your sweet little act.
The eldest Petrov stared. She STARED at him, deciding now was the time to cross her arms. Which she did. So, she stared at B, with her arms crossed, through big blue eyes before taking a step back from him. He totally had something up his sleeve and she was not going to take a chance and find out right at this moment. Wait. WHAAAAT!? "BAILEY PITCHLER, SHUT YOUR TRAP." GLAAAAAARE. If he said anything else, the water she was carrying would soon lighten. A LOT. Stupid boys. <____< Why'd they all have to say stupid stuff? HUH? WHY? She wanted to know. And she wanted to know why they all thought she was "hot" or whatever the heck they liked calling her. She was NOT. And she was NOT a distraction. Waverly and the other boys called her that lots and refused to let her play. MEANIES. "Yes they are Bailey!" she spoke with a hint of sarcasm. "But i don't care if they break." SHRUG.


Was he lumping her with stereotypical girls? OH SNAP. NU UH. "Yes. Yes i am. BUT, I'm not your typical girl, B." she grinned dancing a circle around him for no apparent reason other than the fact that she was hyper and wanted to more water balloons. Whaaat? Now he was whining? She HATED whining. It was annoying and childish. Although.. she planned to run away with Peter Pan and never grow up. But still... "What are you-" GAASP. BABES!? Surely he must be joking. Either way, as a warning, she pulled out a water balloon and lightly tossed it up and down, catching it with ease, without taking her angry gaze from him.

"PFFFFFT. NUU UHH. I'm not evil Bailey. I only use my torture devices for GOOD." Maybe he was evil. And that was why she used them on him. That made sense. Sorta. "Pain? Boy, you haven't seen pain if you think water is pain." Whaaaaa? What was he talking about? "M'not... M'not evil." she uncrossed her arms, letting them hang loose by her sides as the fake waterworks came to her eyes, making them all glassy. "M'not evil.. or.. or mean.. or torturous." SNIFFLE. Hehe.
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