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Brielle Hart
Fifth Year
Hufflepuff Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Look what the somewhat obsessive cat dragged in

The two of us walked into a dusty bar, which was nearly empty. The tables and chairs were cracked and stained. The barman was serving a boiling liquid to a very depressed young man wrapped in bandages and an elderly witch who was too drunk to remain upright for short periods of time.

"You can take off the cloak," Harry instructed as he put handed the silver to the barman. "They don't care right?"

"right," the other occupants of The Hogshead replied.

"Take a seat," Harry pulled out a chair at one of the more stable tables. "Now for one of your other presents," he sat down and stared at me. I was rather disappointed he wasn't reaching into his bag of wonders.

"Why thank you," he said as the toothless barman handed him two glistening glasses of a frothy golden drink. "Cheers," We both clinked our glasses, and took a sip.

The beverage was light and bubbly with a hint of cinnamon. It was fabulous.
"Thank you," I began to chug the rest of my present. Chuckling, i finally finished and set down the empty glass. Before either of us could say anything. A pitiful bell dutifully rang as the door opened. I turned my head to see who it was and found non other than Lavender Brown dragging in Ronald Bilius Weasley.

Thanks for reading. I know its taking me awhile to post...and yeah I don't know if I'll be able to post in a better time span than this. ANYWAYS I want to say 'hello' to my new fellow Hufflepuffs. I know the movies don't give us much credit so I've created a poem. Yes, I know this is going to suck

U- unique
F- far more
F- fulfilling
L- lives
E- enabling
P- pristine
U- useful
F- freaking
F- fantastic
S- situations

Welcome Puffs and just remember if another student disrespects you for being one of the Badgers simply preform protocol B and blame it on a Slytherin. I'm just kidding, but seriously HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE
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