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ooc: yay you've posted! Lol, nice way to tie in the title there ronslilpyro! Alright, not a lot.

Josh was taken aback by what Daniel Radcliffe had said. Mostly by the fact that Daniel Radcliffe was actually talking to him, but that he was rattling off stuff that wasn't even true. He gave Dan a scathing look and stomped off. (ooc: ok I'm done with him)

Rupert gave a sigh of relief once Josh had turned the corner. "Wow, thanks mate," he said to Dan, "He was getting bloody annoying." He looked at Melanie to see what she thought of the whole charade. Rupert sincerly hoped that she wasn't thinking of doing anything that didn't involve leaping into his arms as they run off together. But Katie would get really mad at that.
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