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Hey Katie. You did a great job writing this new chapter, and making us feel emotions towards your characters. I feel so badly for Matt. I understand how he feels so alone in the world. And not only that, but he (and I agree with him) feels that Paul isn't good for Alex. It has to be awful for him to care so deeply for her, and not be involved in her life, and then find out that the boy she is in love with isn't what he should be to her. So sad!

And then on top of that, he is unhappy at home. This part is difficult for me, because I loved Teddy so much and had such respect for him in your first ff. I hope he is able to get together with Matt and become a solid dad for him. I don't think he should interfere with who he chooses to be in love with. That isn't the role of a parent when the child becomes old enough to have serious relationships. But they should still be there for advice and support. I sure hope everything works out for him. I do still think highly of him

Great chapter Katie. I'll be watching for your next.
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