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OOC: man you junmmp around a lot, first you want james and someone, then James and Emma, and now your wooing James and Clemace lmao j/k anyhoo, no, no James and Clemance he;s just tryiong to see whats wrong

Melanie couldn't believe what was happening and when Josh came and sat beside her she had no idea hwat to do, she felt Ruperts hand tightened its grip on hers. She had to bite her lip a little because it hurt her hand a little. She moved closer to Rupert and noticed Josh smile at her, **this isn't going to go well** she thought, "Umm Rupert can we just go outside for a minute is kinda umm warm in here" she tried to thinkof an excuse to get out of there and away from Josh,

OOC: I have to go now too, so see ya tomorrow
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ok everyone here is the deal, okie, Sirius, is not dead as all you crazy people seem to think, he is.... **Drumroll** he's tangled in the veil! duh! and when he gets out him and Harry and everyone else, will; join with the Knights who say Nee and take over Sears and all will be happi!
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