Thread: Speculation & Theory: How long before the entire series gets remade?
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I do believe that they will TRY to have a remake. They are hacks when it comes to movies, and they will do anything for money. But will Rowling let them? Do not forget that they don't own Harry Potter. Lucas didn't let anyone remake Star Wars, and that has been alive for more than thirty years. The new Star Wars movies are not remakes.
Lord of the Rings WAS remade. The LOTR that we all love is a remake of the cartoon LOTR.
Admitadly this series has made many blunders, so much that it could be considered a failure in creative tersm. If there were not Harry Potter books, and it was just the movies, there would be a lot of complaints. The movies are ridiculously convoluted and are too confusing to anyone who has not read the books. The first two were awesome, but the third and fourth one made several characters act out of character. Then the fifth one was okay, and so was the sixth. The seventh was horrible. It just kept bringing in new characters that movie goers knew NOTHING about. Like, why in the name of Ravenclaw is Harry ordering Kreacher around??? In the movies, they skip the fact that Harry owns him. And who is this Rufus?? It was never mentioned before that he was the Minister. Who is Mundungous????? Sirius's brother was a Death Eater and he left?? Where was that mentioned?
All these questions are answered in the books, but the movies just threw them in without proper explanation. And they expect movie people to just "go with it" as Harry says in HBP.
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