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Default Chapter 37

Chapter 37: My own mischief with the head troublemaker in-chief

The morning of my birthday I awoke suddenly out of my nightmare. My heart was racing.

In this dream I was flying high over a English suburb with Weasley fireworks exploding around me. The heat from the blast burned my feathers until they revealed human skin underneath. Without feathers I began to fall faster and faster. My arms flailed around me in a desperate attempt to stay aloft, but to no avail. I sped towards to ground, but before I could become a mark on the driveway someone caught me. This tall figure set me down and I soon recognized him.

"George?" I asked. He shook his head no, and I began painfully aware that this George-look-alike had both of his ears attached.

"You have died in your past, right?"

"Fred?" I questioned, my voice barely a whisper. He nodded, his blazing red hair falling into his eyes.

"Right?" he pressed.

"Yes I was reborn, because I was a phoenix," I explained. I saw a look of hope flicker across his face.

"Would you--" he began to say, but more fireworks exploded. The blasts covered up his voice, and I woke up.

It wasn't a particularly scary dream, but the way that Fred seemed so real...It chilled me.

"Jess," Marianna whined, "Its only..." she grabbed at the clock on her bedside table,"....eight," she commanded.

"No way, today I'm---" I looked over at Beatrice's four poster bed. The curtains were tightly drawn. They were pulled so hard that she had actually succeeded in ripping the thick fabric. Ceria, of course, repaired them almost immediately, and without even a thank you Beatrice went to bed.

I motioned for Marianna to come over to me, but in a sarcastic way she motioned for me to go to her. I tiptoed over the cold floor and whispered, "Harry's going to take me to Hogsmead,"

"No WAY!!" she proclaimed. She clamped her hand over her mouth, but neither Ceria nor Beatrice so much as turned over. "What's your plan to get there?" She whispered urgently.

"I'm not sure, but Harry said we'd be going out of the front door so yeah," I thought back to the conversation we had had about it.

"Don't be silly. We are not going to get caught," he explained. We were both supposed to be studying. But really Hermione was looking over Harry's Charms essay, and I was pretending to read through my transfiguration text book which I had already committed to memory.

"But what are we doing?" I asked again as Madam Pince scowled at me for using such a loud tone.

"We are walking out the front door with Ginny," he started gathering up his books, "Now if you don't mind I'm going to D.A.D.A. with Professor Gladstone,"



"Weird," Marianna concluded, "You don't think its going to be anything illegal, right?" she asked.

"Would you care if it was?"

"Nope, you?"

"Not at all," i replied, "Well, I'll tell you all about it," I got dressed rather hurriedly into some outfit that Hermione had given me, "I'm meeting Harry and Ginny in the common room so I'm talk to you when we get back," i was about to leave when Marianna poked me in the side.

"Can I tell..."she point a perfectly french manicured nail at Ceria.

"No duh,"

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I hope this helps (even if it doesn't really explain the idea). I hope you are all doing well, and i hope maybe just maybe I can post in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for reading

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