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Originally Posted by fawks_4ever View Post
thats an interesting thought, that he should have turned out cold i guess. However i think that he hated the Dursleys so much he in a way subconsciously forced himself to be the opposite of them. And it just happened that the opposite was nice, caring and able to love. Also i think we hav to realize that this is a fictional story and it wouldn't have been very good if our hero was as mean and evil as Draco Malfoy.
I totally agree with you about forcing himself to be opposite, but I also want to add that it is entirely possible for this to happen...
I was mistreated when I was a child and I think I turned out okay, whereas my sister turned into a bit of a 'problem'... I think it's all about what you choose to be and how you choose to react...

Another thing about abused kids, they still love their guardians and will do anything to win their affection or get some recognition... I think alot of what we see of Harry, like his 'saving people complex' as Hermione calls it, is due to the fact that he is still desperately wanting that affection and recognition. And also, now that he has finally found this place where he fits and where he gets this, I think he is terrified of losing it again...
Courage is not the absence of fear, it is just the ability to overcome it and act upon it...

Excuse me if I'm rambling... :-)

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