Thread: Speculation & Theory: How long before the entire series gets remade?
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First off, I hope it never ever ever get's remade, the series that is. Because I strongly believe that the first time movies have been made, that they're usually always better than the re-makes because they're just so classic.

I would also like to state, that it would be very difficult to remake the entire series again, with how much thought and detail and hard work that has been put into the series to make it just the first time. Yes, I can see how they could use the original series to work off, but it wouldn't just be the same.

Personally, if they did, and they eventually will I think, remake the Harry Potter series, I hope it'd be like 50 plus years from now...but realistically, I think maybe it'd be 30 years or so.

I'm getting all upset now, just thinking people would try and make the series even better. It's fantastic just the way it is.
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