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Chapter 7

It wasn’t that long when school came back. In an instant Hogwarts is again filled with students. The halls were again filled with bickering and laughs. Hogwarts was indeed no longer quiet. I ran over to the great hall and looked for Cedric. I missed him all this time. I wanted to see him badly.

But he wasn’t there…

Where could he be? Does he know that school will start officially tomorrow? Has something happened?
The truth is, Cedric never wrote a single letter for me over the break. Not even once. I tried sending one but I got no reply. Has something happened to our relationship? Am I being abandoned all of a sudden?

“Cho! Have you seen Harry?” Hermione interrupted.
Harry. Now why do I feel like I have butterflies on my stomach every time I hear his name? “n-no” I replied. Everyone is excited to see him since they all know that the D.A practice would resume.

I didn’t bother showing up at the practice. I’ve been waiting for Cedric to show up for days now. He is still not here. No one seemed to worry as well. No one ever asked me where he was. Was I the only one looking and waiting for him?

The next day I still didn’t show up for practice. I’ll show up if Cedric does. I even saw the Slytherins still on-the-look-out for the D.A. They should just give up. It’s been months that they have done this and they have never found a single piece of evidence, it’s just pathetic.

“You!” Malfoy and his posse approached me. “Roaming around the hall at this time is prohibited.” Malfoy said with his eyebrow slightly twitched.
“And you’re allowed?” I answered back. He laughed at me with the rest of his pathetic friends.
“You don’t understand… Ravenclaw.” he looked at my school uniform badge. “Professor Umbridge has given us permission.”
“To do what exactly?” I still hate Umbridge and her little Inquisitorial Club or whatever they are called. “You’re forgetting that Professor Dumbledore is the head master of this school and not silly Umbridge.” I looked at him in the eye. I was ready to fight this blonde git.
“50 points will be deducted to Ravenclaw then.” He smirked then they all walked away like they owned the place.

The following week I decided to take a rest at Hogwarts Lake. Cedric never arrived. I was getting paranoid and paranoid by the second.
“Cho.” Harry came up to me with Ron and Hermione. “Are you alright? You’ve been absent during practice.”
“It’s Cedric.” I looked down.
“You miss him do you?” Hermione sat beside me and held my hand.
“Of course I miss him. He’s been so far away.” My eyes started to tear up. I could see Hermione and Ron looked at Harry who stood in front of me and not saying a word.
“We all do Cho. Cedric has been a great friend to all of us.” Hermione tried to calm me down.
“You shouldn’t be like this, Cho. Cedric wouldn’t like that.” Ron uttered.
“Yeah, come to practice Cho. We’re practicing Patronuses this month.” Hermione smiled warmly.
“Look if it would make you feel better, Cedric would never leave you.” Harry finally spoke.
“But—I miss him.” My voice started to crack. “Last night, Malfoy and his friends are still out to get us. He deducted 50 points from me for loitering around and referred to me as Ravenclaw.” They all frowned at the same time.
“Malfoy is not really a problem to us. We can take them down at any time.” Hermione looked at me. “Come to practice. We all miss Cedric like you do that is why we are all doing this.”

What? They all miss him so that’s why they’re doing this? What are they trying to say? No one is worried that he’s not yet back?
“I-I don’t get it? Cedric hasn’t been back since the break.” I asked them. They all exchanged confused looks.
“What do you mean, Cho?” Harry asked me.
“Cedric—He hasn’t been back since the Christmas break. I’ve been waiting for him ever since then.”
“No Cho.” Hermione said to me “Cedric has been dead since last year… at the Triwizard Tournament… remember?”

How can Cedric have died when I have been with him all term?
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