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Hello Allison. Great chapter. I think I'd be embarrassed if I was Harry though. First off allowing Malfoy to catch him, and break his nose. And secondly, allowing his girlfriend to revenge him instead of getting to do it himself. But I think I see why you did it this way, and if I'm correct then it was a piece of brilliant writing. This is what I think, because of this sentence;
I knew Malfoy was up to something, and I knew it wasn't just me that had him shaking. Voldemort was up to something and I needed to find out what.
So, she was wanting to have a reason to get close enough to Draco to read what he had tucked away in his mind. What Voldemort is planning, and what Draco's part in it is. She probably had to actually touch him because he is skilled with Occlumency (sp?) And if I'm right I wonder what she was able to get from him. Of course I could be way off, and it is still brilliant writing cause I know you have something in mind. Great chapter. Can't wait to read more.
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