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Chapter 5

“I like you” Those words kept repeating in my head. I know it’s not normal and probably you’ll think that I do have feelings for Harry but--- yes there is a ‘but’-- NO. I do not. To me Harry is just a friend… Yes, he is JUST a friend.

“So is Harry your boyfriend or what?” Cedric asked me. His eyes were straight to my eyes. We stopped walking.
“What’s with your tone?” I asked him. Was he actually having this conversation with me? He clearly knows that Harry and I are close friends, so what is up with all the jealousy?
“Look—if you can’t even answer me that question, then…”
“Then what?” I interrupted. Cedric and I have never this kind of fight before. “Cedric please…” I had nothing else to say. I held his left hand and he looked at me. He looked upset and disappointed, it was like there was a part of him that didn’t want to stay in the relationship any longer. I clenched it tightly and not going to let it go. The moment was silent and felt vague. Even now I can’t seem to remember what happened. All I know is that after we had that talk, Cedric and I were talking again on the next day.

Christmas break finally arrived and it was time for students to pack up their bags and leave. Unlucky for me, my parents are going abroad so they’re asking if I could stay at Hogwarts for the whole Christmas vacation.

“You sure you’ll be okay?” Cedric told me while touching my cheeks and was leaning too close to me. He was already packed and ready to leave. “Yes.” I nodded. Cedric looked at the school one more time. The school was so silent. Some students were staying but I don’t think they’ll be that many. “Don’t worry” I uttered. Cedric smiled and held my hands. “Don’t try to have too much fun.”

We both kissed.

Cedric and the rest of the students left Hogwarts while I was stuck. Most of the students left were not even the people I like or talk to. I walked to the Great Hall to get some lunch. A couple of students were there, about 4 of them. Was this even worth to stay? NO. I walked to the Hogwarts Lake and sat there for awhile. I felt so alone. I had no one to talk to, no one to play with. Unconsciously I started to feel sleepy, so I decided to take a long nap.

The next thing I knew is that everything felt cold. As I woke up, snow was already covering up half of my body. When I looked around it was already dark, probably 6 in the evening. I went back to the Great Hall to eat dinner.

“Cho!” a familiar voice called me. When I turned around my heart beat so fast.
“Harry.” I smiled. Why was I too happy to see him and why is my heart beating so fast. This never happened before. What’s wrong?
“Do you want to join me for dinner?” Harry asked.

We both ate dinner together. Harry was the only person I know in the whole Great Hall. It was nice for once to be with a friend. We talked about a lot of stuffs just like old times. It was like the conversation we had the other day never even happened. I’m just really happy to see Harry and to be able to talk to him again.

Remember when I said I felt alone and unlucky about getting stuck at Hogwarts for the Christmas break?—I take it back. Being with Harry was a delight. I’m always having the time of my life when I’m with him.

To make the Christmas Break fun for the both of us, he decided to make a list of things to do everyday. Last time we played Quidditch, just the two of us. We also played hide and seek all around the campus. It was very, very hard. The other day, we made so much noise running around Hogwarts and no one even scolded us. Today, we’ll be jogging around. Not that it’s not fun, but we decided to leave some of the cool stuffs waiting. It’s quite a long vacation.

It was quite a long jog, we even reached the forest.
“Harry, this is the forbidden forest. We’re not allowed here.” I held his right arm.
“I think I saw something.” Harry was focused at something. I didn’t know what it was but he was definitely serious about it. “Stay here.” Harry added. He walked inside the forbidden forest and left me behind. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him take his wand.
“Hurry back!” I shouted at the remaining silhouette of his back.

But he didn’t hurry back. Twenty minutes have already passed and he was still not back. I was fidgeting since it was getting darker. I couldn’t wait any longer, I have to go after him. What if he’s dead?

Where are you Harry?
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