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Post Colour: Royal Blue

Name: Adam Daniel Stemp.
Pronunciation: A-dam DAN-yal St-EM-p.
Nickname(s): Ad.
Origin of Given Name: Hebrew.
Meaning of Given Name: Red Earth.
Date of Birth: 14th February, 2054. Age: 42.
Astrological Sign: Aquarius.
Place of Birth: Liverpool, United Kingdom.
First Word: Adam.
Current Residence: Horsington Cottage, Somerset, United Kingdom.
First Language: English.
Blood Status: Pureblood.
Wand: 14”, Cedar wood, Dragon Heartstring.
Boggart: Lorelai receiving the Dementor’s Kiss.
Ammortentia: Lorelai’s perfume, wood fires & pine trees.
Patronus: Kangaroo.

Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Blue.
Height: 6'5" / 195.6 cm.
Dominance: Right handed, two-footed.

Primary Schooling: St. Woboldo's Primary School.
School:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
House: Ravenclaw.
Years: 5th-7th, 2069-2074.
Previous School: Durmstrang Institute.
House: Wolverine.
Years: 1st-5th, 2065-2069.
Class of: 2074.
Extra-Curricular: Music.

Current Occupation: Division Head, Ludicrous Patents, Department of Magical Games and Sports.

Early Years:
SPOILER!!: Early Years
Rachel was homeschooled by her father and Daniel went to Hogwarts purely because his father and grandfather had attended school there. In his seventh year, he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, with an obvious resounding ‘yes’. However, three months before he was due to marry her, he called the engagement off because he realized that, at twenty, he was not ready for marriage. Three years later, after successfully starting his business making broomsticks, he went to a Quidditch match in Bulgaria with his brother.
Also attending said Quidditch match with her best friend was Rachel, and they got talking when he was seated in the stands behind her. Keeping contact after the match, they fell in love and eventually got married, having a little ceremony with mainly family in Rachel’s hometown in East Anglia. After their honeymoon (a delightful month spent in Costa Rica) the couple moved back to Daniels home city of Liverpool, and five months later the pregnancy of Rachel was announced.
Adam was born on Valentine’s Day of 2054, and a better present the couple couldn’t have asked for. They adored their beautiful baby son and cherished him like all parents do their children. He grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool, in a normal, three bedroomed semi-detached house (with all of the benefits magic gave them, of course), and attended a Muggle Primary School from the age of five – his parents wanted him to have a well-rounded education, and apparently Muggle schooling would help.
At the age of nine, when his parents were getting worried because of a seeming lack of magical talent, Adam began to show signs. At football practice, after getting into an argument with a boy from the opposing team over the score, he punched the boy so hard he flew halfway down the pitch. Although the coach (and paramedics that had to be called to the now-unconscious players aid) put the force behind the blow down to an adrenaline rush from the game, Adam and his parents knew that it was because of his Magical ability.

SPOILER!!: Durmstrang
When it came to signing Adam up for his Magical Education, Rachel and Daniel only wanted what was best for him, and therefore it was their wish that he attended Hogwarts. However, he protested – not knowing much of the magical schools, he assumed his father wished to send him there because he attended, and as, even at eleven, he wanted to see more of the world, he requested that they sent him to Durmstrang. Seeing how excited he was by this prospect, they let him, albeit reluctantly.
In his first and second years, Adam was a relatively normal student; he got on with his work and didn’t cause too much trouble, showing traits of a prospective Prefect, even. However, at the age of thirteen, and during his third year, he grew more confident and even arrogant in himself, and therefore his school career went downhill. After an extremely eventful Charms lesson, he was suspended for levitating his teacher and almost causing him to almost fall from the tower, even though he protested that it had been an accident, and that that level of skill should be commended, not punished.
After his suspension, Adam gained numerous detentions, and was suspended again in his fourth year, when he accidentally managed to Transfigure a group of classmates into Lions, which then had to be chased ‘round the school and changed back, not before causing harm. After a terms suspension, which seemed not to affect him as he treated it as a holiday, he was faced with his greatest challenge: passing his fifth year exams.
No matter how disappointed his parents where, and no matter how much they wanted him to succeed, Adam’s attitude didn’t improve, and after gaining ‘T’s in all of his exams, the school admitted that they would have to ‘let him go’. Adam Stemp, say goodbye to Durmstrang, and effectively, your education.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts
After giving up on school, Adam was offered a lifeline. Hogwarts presented him with a place there, as long as he promised to buckle down and repeat his fifth year. Being such a disappointment to his mother was heartbreaking for the boy, and as she was nearing a mental breakdown, he hastily accepted, promising himself that he’d work hard, if not for himself, for her. He was her only child, and the sadness he’d brought her made him a little ashamed of himself.
At Hogwarts, however, he didn’t let this show, and was the arrogant, cocky, loud Evertonian he’d always been – although he worked a lot harder than the former version of himself. In his repeated fifth year, he managed to scrape together a few OWLs, although he didn’t do amazingly.
During his three year period at the establishment, he met his best friend Tyler Way, although said boy left a year before he was due to, returning to his home in America. They kept in contact, however, and they are still best friends.
He also met his current girlfriend, on the very first day he spent in Diagon Alley. Both beautiful and arrogant, they were a match made in heaven, and they got together on Adam’s seventeenth birthday.

SPOILER!!: Post Hogwarts

Parents: Rachel Stemp Occupation: Retired robe model. & Daniel Stemp Occupation: Retired broomstick craftsman.

Partner: Wife, Lorelai Stemp (née Bristol), Hufflepuff Class of 2074, Manager at Stemp House.
  • Corbin Hadley Stemp, Ravenclaw Class of 2095, Music Theory and Performance student, New York City, USA.
  • Saffron Sarah Dakota Stemp, Hufflepuff Class of 2095, Cheerleading and Gymnastics Coach.
  • Ringo Aubrey Stemp, Ravenclaw Class of 2096, Army Recruit.
  • Lilah Cameron Darcie Stemp, Hufflepuff Class of 2097.
  • Maverick Xander Stemp, Slytherin Class of 2099.
  • McCartney Xavier Stemp, Hufflepuff Class of 2099 (currently homeschooled).
  • Sparrow Isaac Stemp, Gryffindor Class of 2101.
  • Liberty Eleanor Stemp, Ravenclaw Class of 2101.
  • Jorgie Monroe Stemp, Class of 2104.
  • Jude Enzo Stemp, Class of 2105.
Other: Adam sees the children residing at Stemp House as an extension of his own, already large, family unit.

Personality Type: ESFP-a // The Entertainer.
"Entertainers love the spotlight, and all the world’s a stage. Many famous people with the Entertainer personality type are indeed actors, but they love putting on a show for their friends too, chatting with a unique and earthy wit, soaking up attention and making every outing feel a bit like a party. Utterly social, Entertainers enjoy the simplest things, and there’s no greater joy for them than just having fun with a good group of friends."

Strengths: Bold, excellent interpersonal skills, confident, intuitive.
Weaknesses: Conflict-averse, easily bored, bad at planning, unfocused.

Likes: Football, rugby, tennis, athletics, quidditch, crazy inventions, playing with his kids, helping them with studying, travelling, Lorelai, sports of any form.
Dislikes: Flying, heights, anything boring, politics.

In Depth:

She is a dancer, and she dances in my dreams...________________________________

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