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Default Chapter Three: Part Three
"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not."

Originally Posted by LillyJames View Post
Hey! I'm your new reader! This is great! I love Abby, (not just because I share a name with her xD) and Harry and her are sooo cute together! Post more soon!
Originally Posted by Connie View Post
Hello Allison. Great chapter. The whole thing of Lavender Brown was too cute. Especially Ron's reaction.

Oh brother! There she goes again. She really needs to trust Harry's instincts, and Abby's!
Well, ok so there is that point. I have to admit I forgot about that. But still, if they're careful, they've done loads more dangerous stuff than follow him under the invisibility cloak.
I am so anxious to see how you write what comes next.
Great post Allison. I'll be watching for your next.
Thanks for the comments guys and sorry that it has taken me so long to post another update!! Schoolwork has just been keeping me very preoccupied as well as tennis, so I haven't had much free time for creative expression. Glad to have a new reader

The rest of the train ride went slowly, other than me noticing Lavender continuously walking back and forth in front of our compartment, while Hermione shot her death looks and Ron pretended not to noticed. I tried to mentally reach out to see if I could hear Harry or Draco, but there was too much chatting and the air was filled with too much excitement for me to really be able to decipher anything.

At some point I had rested my head against the window and fallen asleep to the peaceful rocking of the train on the tracks. As usual I found myself right in the middle of a dream. I was sitting in what was very clearly the Great Hall of Hogwarts, a book about potions lying on the table in front of me while I mindlessly stirred my oatmeal which I really wasn't in the mood to eat. I was by myself, although there were other people sitting at the Gryffindor table, and it wasn't until I looked down and noticed a charm bracelet on my wrist that I realized I was not in fact myself.

The charm bracelet, which I so often found my mother looking at in her jewelry box when I was younger, was shining from the reflection of the sun coming in through one of the huge glass windows in front of me. My hair, which I now realized so clearly was my mother's, was held out of my face with a red headband. I was about to turn the page when I felt someone come up behind me. I could tell from the feel of him that he was a male, and I could tell from my mother's emotions that I was glad for him to be there, but I wasn't sure who the boy was.

"Enjoying your potions?" he asked me.

I felt a little smirk come across my lips. "As much as one can I suppose," I said, still not turning to look at the boy.

He sat down next to me, a couple of girls near by looking over to see what exactly we were talking about. After all most of the girls in the school found him to be incredibly dreamy.

"I've always found potions to be quite interesting myself. After all, potions are a stealth way to handle problems without the risk of being caught."

Finally deciding it was okay to look at him, I turned my head towards him with an empty look on my face. In my own world I felt that my heart rate had started to quicken as I realized it was the same boy from the dream I had at the Weasley's. While I was concerned at the look at this boy was giving me, my mother seemed happy with it.

"That is true, but there are other ways to handle problems with magic that don't take as much time, effort, or leave quite as much of a trace. After all you have to come up with a lot of excuses to explain why you've been off, unseen for so long."

The boy shifted himself so that it looked like he was leaning over the book to see something on the page, but really he was doing it so that he could take my hand and no one would notice. As soon as his hand clasped around mine tightly I could his lust and desire coursing through my whole body. I was about to say something he instantly released my hand. Annoyed I turned around to find Dumbledore standing next to us.

The last thing I saw before the sudden jerk of the train stopping woke me up was Dumbledore's mouth opening, about to say something. I had sat up rather quickly, trying quickly to hide my unsettled emotions, but Ron and Hermione had noticed.

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked with a concerned look.

"Yeah, yeah, just a bad dream is all. It was big deal."

Hermione wasn't so sure, and Ron looked like he didn't entirely believe me, but I had stood up and grabbed my bag without giving them another chance to ask me any questions. I pushed open the door and stepped out, the other students starting to stream out of their compartments, some yawning and stretching while others were laughing and giggling.

"Where do you think Harry ran off to?" asked Hermione, looking up and down the aisle to try and see if he was there.

"Here, I'll go look for him. Meet you two outside?" I said, figuring I should be the one to get him since I knew exactly where he was.

"Alright, see you shortly then," said Ron, pushing Hermione along before she could object.

I had started down the aisle but I could still hear Ron telling Hermione to leave me be.
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