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Default ■■ 38. Rictusempra
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■■ 38. Rictusempra

Hermione flopped herself down on the couch looking as if the end of the world were coming. Harry and Ron looked at one another and shrugged.

“What’s got you so blue?” Ron asked.

“You aren’t still upset about getting an Exceeds Expectations on your Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L are you?” Harry said with a smug look on his face.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it,” she said giving Harry a dangerous look.

“But…that was months ago!”Ron exclaimed. “Not to mention you got Outstandings on all your other O.W.L’s.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it,” she snapped getting a bit defensive. “If we’d had been taught properly from the start, things would have been different.”

“Sounds like you could use a laugh,” Harry said looking around the common room.

“Rictusempra!” Ron said flicking his wand at Hermione who flying backwards the couch and hit the floor with a soft thud. “What? You said she could use a good laugh,” Ron shrugged.

Hermione got back on her feet and glared at Ron. “Ron,” she said through pressed lips. “I am not ticklish…but I sure hope you are.”

“I don’t think she is laughing,” Harry whispered.


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