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“I’m just saying that you need to be careful,” Hermione sighed looking over at Harry as they sat by the fire in the common room together. Neville was asleep on the sofa across from them making awfully loud snoring noises.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked looking over his glasses at her.

Hermione shut her book and moved closer to Harry. “Let’s just say that there are some rumors going around about girls wanting to feed you a love potion.”

Harry grinned from ear to ear looking very pleased with himself.

“Don’t get so excited about it,” Hermione scoffed unable to believe Harry was happy about the notion of being feed a love potion. Harry had to realize that he was the target of many girls these days after the events of last term and the Department of Mysteries. “They only want to do it because they think you are the Chosen One.”

“Hermione, I am the Chosen One,” Harry laughed puffing out his chest. “I’m the boy who lived. Not the boy who died.”

Hermione took the heavy book she was holding and smack Harry as hard as she could on the shoulder. Boys could be so thick sometimes.

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