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■■ 39. Sectumsempra
{ April Fools } mini challenge

Glancing out the window, Hermione wondered just how much longer it was going to take for Ron and Harry to finish getting ready. Fred and George came down the stairs from the boy’s dormitory with mischievous looks on their faces that could only mean one thing – they were up to something.

The twins spotted Hermione, glanced sideways at each other, and continued on their way out of the common room.

Hermione, still sitting on the couch, looked up to the boy’s dormitory just in time to see Harry come running down the stairs with a look of horror on his face.

“Hermione! It’s terrible!” he wailed waving his arms around frantically.

Seeing the obvious connection between Harry and the twin’s faces, she knew he was up to something.

“What happened,” she scoffed.

“You know that spell in my potion’s book? I tried it…on Ron…”

Hermione’s nostrils flared and there came a loud groan from the stairwell. Hermione looked up to see Ron covered in red.

“Her-mi-one…” Ron whimpered before collapsing.

Hermione’s face went white and she fainted. Ron jumped to his feet and liked some of the red from his hands.

“This ketchup stuff is pretty good.” Ron mused.


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