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■■ 4. Blasting Curse

Carrying a few grocery bags in her hands, Hermione made her way up the hill leading to her home in central London. She checked over her shopping list again to make sure that she had gotten everything – including those turkey sausages that Ron had been begging her to get from the small meat market on the corner of the street.

Just as she reached the front steps, she heard several loud explosions.

No…those weren’t coming from her home…were they?!

Dropping the bags on the ground next to the front door, Hermione rushed into the living room where the noise was the strongest to see Ron waving his wand around and completely demolishing the room in the process. She was going to strangle him. She really was.

“What are you doing?!” she shrieked watching him in utter disbelief.

“I am trying to get this ruddy cockroach,” he grunted hurtling another spell towards the sofa which then erupted into a shower of cotton and feathers.

“By demolishing the house?”

Hermione folded her arms and began tapping her foot in agitation.

“Well, it keeps running away!”

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