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Default ■■ 17. Imperio
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■■ 17. Imperio

If Snape’s lesson during their third year about werewolves was any indication to his teaching technique, Hermione knew that they were in trouble. He had essentially spent the entire time telling them to turn to page 394 and then had called her an insufferable know-it-all – which she was still upset about. All she had done was answer his questions about werewolves.

“Can anyone tell me the difference between the Imperio Curse and the Confundus Charm?” he said turning his pointy nose to the class.

Hermione’s hand shot up and was noted by Snape, who chose to ignore her. Groaning under her breath, Hermione kept her hand held steady in the air.

“Fine…if you must, Miss Granger.”

“Both spells make the caster capable of controlling the victim to some extent, but Confundus doesn't impose a command in the victims mind and is much easier to detect than Imperio. Furthermore, Imperio is one of the Unforgivable Curses whereas Confundus is a charm.”

“Yes,” Snape sneered. “Both spells meddle with a person’s will by making them helpless. It is not only Unforgivable Curses you must ready yourselves for.”

Hermione was surprised. It actually sounded like he cared about them.


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