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staffed shop Office of Department Head Isobel Ferguson
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One would think that Isobel Ferugson is rather paranoid. Before she even started one the rest of the department she stripped the office back to basics, and with the help of Wesley Ferguson, department head of Magical Law Enforcement she put up a number of security spells, hexes and curses. Being an ex-auror Isobel did quite trust anything that had previously been placed on the room. The office now is pretty much impenetrable, and one can only enter if they know all of the spells that in place. Only a select number of people know this, so it is probably a good idea to not try to break into the office.

When one does get into the room it is clear that the office is now inhabited by a woman. Along with the décor of the break from the department head’s office is now decorated in a light blue colour, which is supposed to promote a relaxing atmosphere within the room. The main focus of the room is the large mahogany table, behind which the department head is sat when she is in the office. The desk has a small collection of photographs clustered on one side, whilst the main focus of the left hand side of the desk is a calendar that has been engraved into the desk. The calendar was a gift from Isobel’s Husband Wesley Ferguson, and the two calendars are enchanted to show the couple each other’s appointments.

To the right of Isobel’s desk is a handsome fireplace, which is connected to other various fireplaces within the ministry and beyond, to aid quick transportation. The fireplace is of course pass worded, and only Isobel and the people she trusts know the password. Of course the destinations this fireplace connects to are also unknown to most, and if one was to try to use the fireplace by force they may find there selves ending up in the holding cells in Level Two. Above this fireplace hangs a rather large commissioned portrait of Isobel and her husband Wesley. The subjects are sometimes within the portrait, but more often than not they can be seen visiting other portraits within the ministry.

Tucked in a corner of the office is a small table surrounded by eight chairs. This is often where the department head may hold small meetings with employee’s or maybe the other department head’s. If any unspeakables require a small area to hold meetings they may inquire about using this space, although the answer will only be in the affirmative if Isobel is not using the office.

Despite all of the security spells, hexes and curses that are in place within the office Isobel is quite a nice woman, and the door is always open to any of her employees. All they need do is knock on the door.

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